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Taiwanese artists Nana Ou-yang and Angela Zhang sang on CCTV evening on September 30th, which aroused the sensitive nerves of DPP authorities. A few days ago, a number of Taiwanese media found out that Taiwanese artist Lin Chi-ling had previously sang a photo of 《我和我的祖国》 with mainland primary school students, and made another hype report. Although Lin Chi-ling did not respond positively to this matter, her microblog post on October 1st caught the attention of pro-green media on the island. Taiwan media reported that the pro-green media "Sanli News Network" said on October 2 that Lin Chi-ling forwarded CCTV news's "Blessing the Motherland" post on Weibo on the 1 ST, and wrote


that "two festivals and one reunion, 2020 is particularly difficult, need a little more thoughtfulness and goodwill, find the precious warmth of society, and find more different beauty in the world ~ Happy holidays" Lin Chi-ling Weibo screenshots Some netizens are also very happy with Lin Chi-ling's statement, and they are in her Weibo message. After Nana Ou-yang and Angela Zhang, someone on the island aimed at Lin Chi-ling. Taiwan's "ETtoday News Cloud" and other Taiwanese media previously reported that Lin Chi-ling came to a primary school in Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia in 2019, where she built "Zhiling Sister Children's Home" to provide children with a place to study and pla


y. According to the report, she was singing in the classroom with children, the song was 《我和我的祖国》, and the blackboard behind her was painted with Mongolian and Tiananmen Square. When Lin Chi-ling sang 《我和我和祖国》 on the mainland, the netizens on the island also had a heated discussion on the Internet. Some people left a message saying that Lin Chi-ling was a "Taiwan traitor", and some netizens claimed that they would not go to Lin Chi-ling soon (collectively attack on the Internet). There are also netizens on the island who say that Taiwan media hype is boring, and they always engage in ideological opposition, so it is better to spend energy to do a good job in Taiwan firs